Whipcracking DVD's

Beginners Whipcracking and Whip Maintenance DVD

A MUST FOR EVERY WHIP ENTHUSIAST!!! available in NTSC or PAL format.

This DVD is a must for those wanting to learn to crack a whip, or for those who want to learn the skills needed to develop complicated whipcracking routines.  The video covers six basic cracks, as well as other one-handed routines and cracks.  The Whip maintenance part of the video shows you how to tie and tie on a cracker, how to repair your whip and more...

Includes routines such as the Sydney Flash, Queensland Flash, Cow & Calf, Snake Killer, 6 of the Basic Cracks and more...

Also features a Special Bonus Advanced Routine - The Train. Presented by Simon Martin.

Camera by Grant Mcturk, Copyright 2004-2023

$29.00 + shipping  (Purchase for $15 if bought with a whip.)

To see a clip from this DVD click HERE


Two-Handed Whipcracking-Level 1 DVD

 Available in NTSC or PAL format.

This DVD covers the basics of two-handed whipcracking and will put you well on your way to learning some more difficult routines.  If you are wanting to move on from one-handed whipcracking, then this is the DVD for you!

There are over 30 different routines and cracks shown in detail on this DVD.  Some of the routines covered include:

Tasmanian Crossover - Rally - Rhythm Crossover

Changing 8's - Tasmanian Twist - Train

Simon's Lightning - Machine Gun - Drover's 2-Steps and heaps more!!

 Also an interview with former Australian Whipcracking Champion Chris Beck and  5 time Australian Whipcracking Champion and WORLD Champion, Ben Hughes. 

Presented by Simon Martin

Camera by Grant Mcturk, Copyright 2005-2023

$29.00 + shipping (Purchase for $15 if bought with a whip.)

To see a clip from this DVD click HERE.


Australian Whipcracking for Kids DVD

This 2009 Release DVD is an amazing showcase of Australian Whipcracking by a passionate Aussie family from Gunnedah, New South Wales "The koala Capital of the World".  With Brooke (11 years), Katie (15 years), and Daniel (17 years) you will be amazed with what is possible in the art of whipcracking.  From the very beginner to the advanced, there is something in this DVD for everyone.  


  • Synchronized Cracking

  • Daniel's Complicated Routines

  • Bullock Whip Cracking

  • Showcase of an Australian Whipcracking Competition at the Tasmanian Whipcracking Championships.

The DVD is $29.00 + Shipping. (Purchase for $15 when bought with a whip.)  Watch a small clip from the DVD,from You Tube below.


DVD"S are a great starting point on learning whipcracking, but I also recommend you get along to a competition run by the Australian Whipcrackers & Plaiters Association.  The best whipcrackers in the world are members of this association and members are more than willing to help.