Custom Made Kangaroo Whips...Handcrafted in Tasmania, Australia

sought afterthe world over.....

Member of the Australian Whipcrackers & Plaiters Association and aMember of the Ring of Trust.

The Craftsmenship...

This is Simon Martin's custom made whip website.  All of my whips are made to the highest standard of craftsmenship that I'm capable of.  All of the whips on this website have been made using Kangaroo Leather, except the Whippa Whips and Gary Brophy Signature range.  My waiting list for orders is currently over  2 yearsso if you require basic stockwhips please order through 

Who I sell to....

I will ONLY make whips for stockmen, sports whipcrackers, collectors and western performers.  Most of the current Australian Whipcracking Champions use and recommend my whips and my "matched pairs" have become very sort after around the world. My "Whippa" whips are used by western/circus performers all around the world.   

MY CUSTOMER SERVICE....100% Money back guarantee

Customers and customer service is very important to me, so if I haven't responded to an email within 48 hours please try again as I ALWAYS reply :o)  Always happy for someone to call me with any questions if you prefer to chat.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee, within 30 days of receiving,  if you are not happy with any purchase from me.  Having a good reputation is very important to me and I'll do my best to make sure every customer gets honest, reliable and quality service.

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