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 I strive to make my whips to the highest standard of craftsmanship possible.  All my kangaroo hide whips are individually numbered from No.1 onwards in every type ,bullwhip, stockwhip, snakewhip, Ben Hughes Signature, etc.  So by buying one of my whips you will truly own a unique piece.    Most of my whips are made from selected kangaroo hides except the Latigo stockwhips and the Gary Brophy Signature whips.

  I will ONLY make my whips for stockmen, sports whipcrackers, collectors, and performers.    Ben Hughes  a 5 time Australian and World Whipcracking  Champion , Chris Beck  a 3 times Australian Whipcracking Champion and a number of other Australian Champions use and recommend my whips.  My whips have also been used in movie productions and many circus's.  I am also a whipcracker so I know what is needed in a whip to make a perfectly balanced whip.  Although there is always something new to learn.  Be sure to check out the whipcracking DVD's I have available. 

 For whip orders or enquiries go to ordering Customers and customer service is very important to me, so for information  Email Me and I will respond as soon as possible. Or feel free to give me a call. If you email me and I don't reply please send it again, as I always reply.


 I want this site to be user friendly so comments are more than welcome. Click on any of the thumbnails in my site to enlarge photos. 


In the Need Help section you will find some very useful information including video clips on how to crack a whip.


 All kangaroo hides used in the making of my products are harvested in accordance with the Department of the Environment and Heritage and have approved export permits sent with the whips.  If you are in need of good quality kangaroo leather see Kangaroo hides.

Quality Guaranteed 100%Satisfaction


All my products and whips come with a full money back guarantee including the postage.  If you are not satisfied within 14 days of receiving it send it back and I will refund you in full.  Having a good reputation is very important to me. I will do my best to make sure every customer gets honest, reliable, and quality service.


Please don't ask me to send your products as a gift to escape custom charges.  Customs charges will apply on entry into most countries, so you may want to check the regulations in your country before purchasing.  My USA customers have never had to pay import duties.



 I live in Tasmania (absolutely beautiful), an island state of Australia under the mainland, so us friendly Tasmanians are actually Down Under DOWN UNDER.  Click on the link below to check out just some of the sights in this fantastic place.


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For upcoming whipcracking competitions around Australia please visit the AWPA website here.

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Disclaimer-Simon Martin cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused by using any of the products named on this website.


What is the Ring of Trust?  Read Below or click on the link above.

Our goal is to bring a new standard of quality and customer service to the world of whip making.  Wherever you see this logo, you can be confident that not only does the whip maker have very high personal standards, she/he is being backed up by a group of peers who have promised to hold them to the highest  standards in quality and service.  If you are not happy with a purchase from a "Ring of Trust" whipmaker you can guarantee it will be sorted out or a new whip will be made for you by different "Ring of Trust" whipmaker.